These laptops are principally staged at home with jump started creativity and in use of windows 10 operating system. They provide high power and shows off a unique performance style from all the features they host. Below are features that hype-up this model.

Unbreakable performance

Asus S14 provides an everyday computing task simpler compared to other generations .It is a 12thgeneration enclosing a memory extension of Iris X Intel core ,16GB RAM 3200MHz , i7-12700H Intel core Central Processing Unit.

It features integrated graphics and cooling systems that enable ultra-fast internet connection and holds a high peak daily work routine .It has an all-day fast battery charge that is fast blazing and speedy internet connectivity.

An instant wake and extensively credible performance are form portable factors that in an ultra-way deliver light task performing fields and environment.

It is challenge ready

12th generated inter core Vivo books makes work easy be it video chatting, photo editing, web browsing, live streaming and business related tasks. The model is Thermo Design in power that sways fast in a TDP total of 45watts thus making it the most fast performance generation.

Is it fast, quiet and cool?

For any device to be cooled and prevent overheating, cooling strategies should be put in place. Therefore thermally ASUS develops a technology that upgrades the heat pipes length and width and install an ice blade fan that effectively heightens the heat transfer. Impellers and fans enclosed in the 97 blade are developed in a liquid crystal polymer efficiently thinning and making it light compared to other ordinary fans. With fluid dynamic bearings the machine acts quiet with less to no vibrations in comparison to other bearings. In a mighty way and at a blistering Thermal Design Power the Central Processing Unit runs in a simple and comfortable way without throttling.

Brilliance in display

The color gamut displayed by VivoBook S 14 OLED is best in its class with superb accuracy on visual and professionally graded account. For a perfect creative and professional work, color fidelity would be best depending on its quality. An OLED display provides a cinematic light emitting compound that is organically special when displayed to nature and less harmful in blue light in contrast to LCD and other displays. The reduction of retina damage is enabled in this display due to its extra gentleness to the user’s eye.

Many could outlay a majestic string of reasons to purchase this model. However, its specs and features are enough to boost its sales and purchases.

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