Apple 14 inch MacBook Pro

Apple 14 inch MacBook Pro

Apple M1 Pro is produced and developed with a 8 core central processing unit, a 14 core GPU, 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD storage. It is in possession of a touch ID and a magic keyboard, force touch touchpad, a power adapter of 67W USB-C and a liquid 14.2 inch Retina XDR screen display.

Factors to consider when purchasing a MacBook Pro

  1. Apple M1 Pro

With a marvelous battery life, this laptop delivers an experience changing performance featuring a maximum of 10 CPU core and GPUs of up to 16 Intel core. Apple M1 Pro also boots up a Neutral Engine of up to 16 core and an extensive media engine powerful enough to play a number up on another up to four 8K video streams. In handling convoluted professional workflows, a joined up memory configured to 32 GB provides a memory bandwidth of 200GBs delivery.

  1. Apple MI Max

Just as the name suggests, Apple M1 Max delivers a maximum, high level performance than any other MacBook ever. With double the memory bandwidth and core count GPU of Apple M1 Pro, Max out allows higher performance. A configuration of 64 GB RAM enables a fast performance and is able to handle uncountable files easy peasy.

  • Random Access Memory ( RAM)

RAM is also known as unified memory. The typing ability and how fast a computer can run are determined by the RAM storage. The RAM of up to 64GB in Mac Pro allows an unprecedented delivery of graphic tasks.

  • Storage

Solid state drive enables a good storage for projects, images, audios, videos, documents and many more files in Apple M1 Pro. The significantly performing speed of a MacBook’s SSD delivery will launch apps on first start up and power up project files and libraries browser.

Pros and cons of Apple 14 – inch MacBook Pro


  1. This device is extensively powerful
  2. The laptop loads potentially a lot of storage space


  1. This laptop weighs more compared to the significantly slick devices.
  2. Mac pro is overly a joy kill for most artistically department industries.


More often than not Apple has had an overly hyped but legit support and proves from countless investigations to be the most preferred and best quality laptop worldly. From students, a departmental industry to business associates Mac offers a solace from how efficient it is to its effectiveness.

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