On this article you will get to know App development in Kenya Phones have become very addictive gadgets especially in the 21st century.People are always fixed on their phones either watching a movie,playing video games,listening to music and watching youtube videos.I mean,i just wonder how this generation would be if smartphones were not invented.This is why a lot of people are now making a living out of developing apps.Apps can be downloaded from the google play store or apple play store depending if one is using an android phone or an ios phone/tablet. Application developers all around the world create different applications everyday to suit the needs of various people around the world.Some are constructive in terms of education while others are just recreational and are used to pass time and have fun.Some of the popular apps used by people for both recreational activities and professional purposes include all over the world include Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Tiktok,Amazon,Spotify,Youtube,Netflix among others. Some of the popular apps in kenya are such as M-pesa app,Jumia,My safaricom app and Instagram.

There are 4 main stages in developing an app.

  • Pre-design stage.
  • Design stage
  • Development stage
  • Support stage.

1.Pre-design stage.

-This is the part where creativity plays the biggest role.The team of experts come together and brainstorm the ideas they have and develop an architectural design of the application.The team/app developer then conducts a market research about the kind of services the app will provide and how to compete with its competitors effectively.They do this by identifying the key features of their competitors to develop a better algorithm. -Using the data they have obtained, they develop a prototype that demonstrates how the app will function.

2.Design stage.

Prototypes are basically used in putting the architectural design into more action. There are two main types of prototypes that are used in the development of an application. a.)User interface prototypes(UI)-it represents the general appearance of the application that can be used by the users.The users conduct tests and give feedback about the problems they encountered using the app. b.)Functional prototypes-in app development,it is used in specifying the type of data along its parameters where the parameters must conquer with each other.

3.Development Stage.

In this stage,the technician uses the Agile methodology in developing sprints to build the app.The sprints are broken down into pieces and tested at the end of each stage.They are then given to the client for further testing and for him to make changes where necessary.

4.Support stage.

This is where the app starts being used by the public.The audience gives back feedback and the support team checks for any bugs.The application is also updated at this stage.
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