AOC Agon AG254FG

AOC Agon AG254FG

This is a gaming monitor holding a 24.5 inch screen display, GPU of Nvidia Latency Analyzer, 360Hz display and an Adaptive sync. For a competitive and premium game focused tool this is a superb choice. Hey! I did not say it could do nothing else. AOC Agon AG254FG fast performance can complete all required computing tasks in a fulfilling stance.

Reasons to purchase

  1. Premium, solid in build, styling and quality
  2. Top class image and screen brightness
  3. Color accuracy
  4. High resolution frame rates

Reasons to avoid

  1. Limited color gamut

In these current times devices after devices have been produced. This is not different with gaming materials monitors inclusive. Although choosing the right monitor is hard, the best can only be secluded by wants and needs of the user. Great shapes, large screens, good speed, resolutions and preferable features you could conclude that the design intent of display is specialized.

While the highest percentage will put their full consideration in the resolution, the gaming requirements surf further. For full advantage, a player will need a good display and Stout PC. 240 Hz might be speedy however the pinnacle still remains 360Hz.

The availability of premium panel’s upgrade is always done time after time. It would be mind blowing for a 24.5 inch to Ksh 76,000 but it is worth when the efficiency is evaluated.

Accessories and assembly

AG2564FG is a substantially shipped carton seeming unexpectedly tall. The height is great in hood accommodation. Some parts don’t require assembling including the base and panel. The external power supply, display ports, USB cables, stand clips and HDMI are boxed separately for tidiness and easier access.

This model monitors, have cue style settings like specific graphics, red trims and sharp angles. All the parts have logos be it the projector or the bezel front. There are moving and static light effects that vary with the users preference.

Hands on and Gaming

This is a gaming specialized monitor however for low resolution task the monitor will still emerge Godzilla. With a 90ppi pixel, the spreadsheets and word processor will be completed just fine. Anti – aliasing and edge enhancement is not apparent these being a positive achievement for images get sharper.

Windows can be applied in HDR which will however not be welcomed in email and web browsing enhancements. During gaming, HDR ultimately look better with color saturation due to the dynamic mode of the monitor.

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