5 Cons Of employing a Chromebook

5 Cons Of employing a Chromebook

1. least native storage

Typically, Chromebooks solely have 32GB of native storage on the market. this implies that you’re ready to save many pictures and things like that on the device itself, however not way more. you’re ready to save things to places like Google Docs and Google Drive, however. the problem is there isn’t abundant storage for love or money apart from pictures and text documents.

2. Chromebooks have to be compelled to use Google Cloud Printing to print

Although you’re ready to print from a Chromebook, setting it up to figure together with your printer could also be troublesome. Some printers might not even be compatible together with your Chromebook which might create it not possible for you to print documents from the device. Printing can be seen as {an issue|a problem|a troublesomey} during this case as it’s way more difficult to print than it apparently has to be.

3. primarily useless offline

If the device is offline, there’s not abundant you’ll do with it. To be ready to edit documents, you would like access to Google Docs. this will solely be accessed with on-line access. Also, tons of documents you will would like could be saved on Google Drive. which means you can’t access these documents unless you’ve got access to your Drive which may solely be accessed with the net. while not net access, you can’t even edit documents.

4. No advanced play capabilities

Of course, there area unit the few games you’ve got access to on the Google Play store, however, there aren’t very several choices outside of that. There area unit some browser-based games you’ll play further. However, there aren’t any high-quality usually vie games on the market to play on Chromebooks. The device itself wouldn’t even have the capability to play additional high-quality games if it became Associate in Nursing choice. it’d create the worth increase quite bit, and ruin tons of the advantages of the Chromebook.

5. No video written material or photoshop

Finally, there aren’t any high-quality video or pic written material code on the market on Chromebooks. There area unit some browser-based pic written material choices, however, that’s the furthest it goes. If you’re trying to find a tool to use to edit or do something outside of write documents that area unit saved on a Cloud, then I wouldn’t advocate obtaining a Chromebook. If all you’re needing may be a low-cost portable computer to write down essays with, I’d extremely advocate obtaining a Chromebook.


Chromebooks area unit straightforward to use and simple to know. they’re entirely supported Chrome and Google, and utilize all of what Google must offer. Personally, I relish employing a Chromebook. In fact, I wrote this complete article on a Chromebook. It’s helpful as a straightforward device to bring around places to write down while not defrayment a fortune on a portable computer with programs you’ll ne’er use. If all you’re needing may be a device to use to try to to basic items like write essays, do analysis, watch YouTube, and maintain on social media then Chromebooks area unit sensible for you. If you’re a hardcore gamer or technologist, Chromebooks wouldn’t be your best choice. Best laptop for sale in Nairobi Kenya

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